Jennifer Uhrhane

In my photographs of different cities and countries, I convey a sense of place through architectural and other distinctive regional details - indoors and outdoors. The pictures I make document surfaces long-exposed to time and use, and place importance on ordinary things, usually overlooked or ignored. I search for random events of light and shadow to bring out these details. Many of my photographs transform small fragments of built structures into abstractions, and so they are also formal examinations - of color, texture, light, shadow, shape, and space.

Price list


Krakow Witkin Gallery

Nov 28 - Dec 5, 2020

10 Newbury St
Boston, MA

As always, works of art in this exhibition have been generously donated by artists (including me). Each of the works are available for $350, and that entire amount goes to the Dimock Center's Boston Pediatric and Family AIDS Program.

The benefit goes live at exactly 10am on Saturday, November 28, in support of World AIDS Day. The benefit will be entirely online here. Once the site goes live, one can browse all the artworks but none are visible before 10am on the 28th.

Please read all the guidelines for participating here

Which photo did I donate? Check out the show to find out!